Best digital banks in Malaysia in 2024

Claire Millard
Şeyma Mektepli
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30 June 2023

Digital banks, and online account providers are becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia and worldwide, thanks to their flexible account services - and, often, low fees.

But which digital bank is best for Malaysian customers?

In this article we'll cover what you need to know about opening a digital account, including the best options already in the Malaysian market, like Wise and BigPay.

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What is a digital bank?

The world of digital banks is pretty new here in Malaysia. However, there are a few digital banks in Malaysia like Wise and BigPay, and we also benefit from traditional banks such as HSBC, which are known to be good at digital banking.

If you pick a digital account from a traditional provider, you may still be able to use their branch network for things like cash deposits. However, these accounts can come with restrictions, and fees when you access physical services.

Specialist digital account providers like Wise and BigPay, on the other hand, do not offer face-to-face services. Instead they offer ways of managing your funds from the convenience of your phone or computer, they are fully digital - so you can cut out wait times in branches, and some of the traditional banking bureaucracy we’re all familiar with.

Specialist digital accounts have varied features and fees - such as accounts from international specialist services which can help you with currency conversion and overseas spending. That can cut the costs of sending and spending in foreign currencies, in person and online.

Can a digital account be opened in Malaysia?

You can open an online bank account in Malaysia with an international service like Wise, a local provider like BigPay, or a bank like HSBC.

Are digital banks safe to use?

Yes. Digital accounts from traditional banks are provided by banks with full licences through Bank Negara Malaysia. And if you pick a specialist provider, you can also rest assured that reputable services are overseen and regulated at home and abroad. Wise, for example, is regulated as a remittance, money changing and e-money issuer, by Bank Negara Malaysia and also overseen by a range of other global bodies.

3 Top digital banks in Malaysia

As we’ve mentioned, you could pick a digital service from a bank, a local Malaysian digital bank, or an international digital bank, depending on what suits your needs.

Here are a few examples - and we’ll look at them in more detail in just a moment:

  • International digital banks: Wise

  • Digital banks in Malaysia: BigPay

  • Digital banks from traditional banks: HSBC

The best digital account for you will depend on your specific preferences and needs. However, to help you see some differences between different account types, let’s look at an overview of some of the most popular accounts out there from the providers named above:

Digital bankAccount and transaction fees
  • Personal accounts are free to open

  • There are no annual or monthly maintenance fees

  • Free to spend from currencies you hold
    Currency conversion uses the midmarket exchange rate with fees from 0.43%

  • ATM fees: 2 free withdrawals to 1,000 MYR/month, with 5 MYR + 1.75% fee after that

  • No fee to open an account, but you need to pay a 20 MYR deposit to get started

  • No maintenance fees

  • 1% fee for foreign currency spend

  • 6 MYR - 10 MYR ATM fees

  • International transfer fees: 0 MYR - 22 MYR depending on the country + exchange rate markup

HSBC (Everyday Global)
  • No fees to open an account - minimum deposit may apply, depending on account tier

  • Fall below fee may apply, depending on account tier

  • 1% fee for foreign currency spend

  • ATM fees - 5 MYR

  • International transfers which don’t require currency conversion have small transaction fees, based on currency

  • Other international transfers - Up to 25 MYR + exchange rate markup

Digital bankAccounts and cards
  • Personal multi currency accounts are available in Malaysia, - allows you hold and exchange 40+ currencies, including MYR, EUR, USD.

  • Spend internationally in 170+ countries with Wise debit card, track your spending and limits from Wise app easily.  

  • Multi currency accounts are not available 

  • Only MYR supported for holding

  • Debit card available

HSBC (Everyday Global)
  • Multi currency accounts are available - hold and exchange 11 currencies, not including MYR

  • Cards are available


Wise is available in almost all countries around the world, with multi-currency accounts you can open online or in-app. You can hold and exchange 40+ currencies, and get local bank details to get paid easily from 30+ currencies with Wise account. You’ll also be able to order a linked Wise debit card which can be used to spend all over the world. You can also send money internationally to 70+ countries.

It’s free to spend any currency you hold, and if you don’t have the currency you need, all Wise currency exchange uses the midmarket rate, with conversion fees from 0.43% - which can mean you save significantly compared to your bank.

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Account types: Multi currency accounts available for personal customers

Eligibility: Open from Malaysia or using your normal ID and proof of address from your home country - broad range of countries supported

Wise Fees: No fee to open a personal account, currency exchange from 0.43%, some fee free ATM withdrawals every month

Safety: Globally regulated in all regions of operation

Advantages of WiseDisadvantages of Wise
  • Mid-market exchange rate

  • Low currency conversion fees

  • Hold and manage 40+ currencies

  • 10 local account details, including MYR

  • Accounts are not interest-bearing

  • No branch network

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Download the BigPay app to open a free account, to hold MYR and spend locally and internationally with your BigPay card. You’ll get budgeting tools and ways to analyse your spending which can be helpful when managing a budget, plus options for local and domestic transfers.

Account types: Accounts available for personal customers only

Eligibility: Open from Malaysia or Singapore, with proof of legal residence

Fees: No fee to open a personal account, currency exchange fee of 1% when spending with the BigPay card, ATM fees of 6 MYR - 10 MYR

Safety:  Regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia

Advantages of BigPayDisadvantages of BigPay
  • Budgeting tools and spend analytics

  • Foreign transaction fee is lower than some banks

  • Card available for global use

  • No account details

  • Account can not hold foreign currencies 

  • 10,000 MYR account holding limit

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HSBC Everyday Global

Consider an HSBC Everyday Global account if you’re thinking of a digital account with a traditional bank. You’ll be able to hold 11 currencies and it’s free to spend any of the currencies you hold. Currency exchange within the account will use the HSBC exchange rate which may include a markup, though - and there’s a 1% fee to spend currencies you don’t already have in your balance.

Account types: Accounts available for personal customers only - other HSBC accounts available for businesses

Eligibility: Open from Malaysia with proof of ID and legal residence

Fees: No fee to open a personal account, 1% fee for foreign currency spend, ATM fees - 5 MYR

Safety:  Regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia

Advantages of HSBCDisadvantages of HSBC
  • Hold 11 currencies

  • Spend with linked debit card

  • Free to spend currencies you hold in the account

  • No account details

  • Account can not hold foreign currencies 

  • 10,000 MYR account holding limit

What are the advantages of digital accounts?

As we get more and more used to using our phones and smart devices to organise life, it’s no surprise that an increasing amount of people opt for a digital bank instead of traditional banks. With a digital bank you’ll be able to manage your money on the move with just your phone, including checking balances and transactions, sending payments, and even switching between currencies if you have a digital bank with multi-currency features.

Here are some of the key advantages of a digital account, to help you decide if one is right for you:

  • Open an account online or in an app - with less paperwork compared to a normal bank, and automated verification processes

  • You can manage your account and make transactions online or via an app, so you’re never out of touch with your money

  • Some digital banks and providers offer faster international transfers with better exchange rates and lower fees compared to normal bank wires

  • Specialist providers allow you to manage multiple currencies within one account, to switch between them and receive payments from overseas

  • You can find international digital account providers which use the mid-market exchange rate, to cut the costs of transfers, payments, and other international services

  • With a digital bank you’ll never need to stand in line in a bank branch again

How to choose the right digital account for your needs

There’s no single best digital account - each bank and provider has its own account types which are aimed at different customer needs. That means you’re sure to find one that suits you - but you may need to do a bit of research to make sure you’re picking the perfect option. Here are some things to consider:

  • Currencies available: Some specialist digital account providers let you hold and exchange multiple currencies, which can cut the costs of travel and overseas spending

  • Fees and charges: Many accounts have no monthly fee to pay, but transaction fees will still apply in some circumstances - check out the fee schedule carefully to make sure you know what to expect
  • Debit or credit card available: For convenience, pick a bank or provider which offers a card for easy spending and withdrawals
  • Security: Choose a reputable provider which is properly regulated for the services it offers, to be on the safe side

Check our How to open a fee-free bank account in Malaysia guide.

How to open a digital account

That the process to open a digital account varies by provider - here’s how to open a digital account with HSBC as an example:

  1. Visit the HSBC desktop site

  2. Find the Everyday Global Account page and select Instant Apply

  3. Enter your personal details

  4. Visit a branch to get verified

  5. Add money to your account and activate your card

  6. Download the HSBC app to bank on the move

If you pick a global provider like Wise you’ll need to take the following steps to open a Wise account:

  1. Download the Wise app or open the desktop site

  2. Click Sign up and create an account using your Facebook, Google or Apple ID

  3. Upload images of your ID and address document

  4. Verification may be done automatically, or may take a day or two

To open a digital account you’ll usually need the following documents:

  • Proof of identity - like a passport or driving licence

  • Proof of address - for traditional banks this must usually be in Malaysia

  • Proof of legal right of residence if you’re a foreigner

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What you need to know before opening a digital account

Let’s look at a few things to think about before choosing a digital bank.

Do digital banks apply taxes?

Tax is a complex area, and exactly how your digital bank may work will vary depending on your location, the account type and your personal situation. Reach out to your own bank directly to get all the details you need.

How to withdraw money from a digital bank?

Many digital banks offer linked debit cards you can use to spend and make cash withdrawals, and also the option to make online transfers to your own accounts, or another account held at a different institution.

How to deposit money in a digital account?

Deposit money in your digital account by bank transfer or wire, or have someone send you a payment. Some banks and providers also let you deposit cash.

What is the eligibility for a digital account?

Eligibility varies based on the provider you select. For traditional banks and local providers you’ll usually need to be a Malaysian citizen or legal resident, aged over 18, with a local phone number.

International providers like Wise can often offer accounts to people from a broad range of countries, for a more flexible experience.

Best Multi-currency Accounts in Malaysia

Some digital banks and account providers have great multi-currency functionality, including the options to hold and exchange dozens of global currencies all in one place. Other providers hold all funds in MYR, but offer easy ways to spend and send in foreign currencies. Read more on our Best Multi-currency Accounts in Malaysia guide.

Here’s a reminder of the multi-currency functionality of the providers we’ve looked at so far:

Wise Account Review: Hold and exchange 50+ currencies, spend around the world with the Wise card, send payments to 70+ countries and get local account details for 10 currencies

BigPay Account Review: Hold your money in MYR, and pay a 1% fee when you transact internationally. International payments are available to a select range of countries

HSBC Everyday Global: Hold and exchange 11 currencies, with no fee to spend currencies you hold. There’s a 1% fee when you spend currencies you don’t have in your account. International payments are available to most countries around the world

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Digital bank vs traditional bank

Digital banks may not have as long a history as some traditional banks - but they’re usually regulated in just the same way as a brick and mortar bank, which means they’re just as safe.

With no branch network to maintain, digital banks can often offer lower service fees, too. As digital banks are new providers, many have come up with innovative ways to offer value added services to customers, like multi-currency functionality and low cost international payments.

Traditional banksDigital banks
  • Branch network with online and mobile banking as an add-on service

  • Can have fairly high fees

  • Multi-currency accounts are not easy to find

  • Extra services available, like investments, savings, credit and loans

  • Licensed and regulated everywhere they operate

  • Access all features and services available online and in-app

  • Usually have relatively low fees

  • Multi-currency accounts are common

  • May not have a full range of financial products

  • Licensed and regulated everywhere they operate

Conclusion: What is the best digital bank in Malaysia?

Opening an account in a digital bank has big advantages, including flexible services you can access on the move, and low fees. While there aren’t huge numbers of providers to pick in Malaysia, there are a few local and global options to consider.

Use this guide to kickstart your hunt - and don’t forget to look at a good selection of options including digital accounts from local banks, and specialist non-bank alternatives. A provider like Wise could be a great fit if you want convenient ways to manage your money, with low fees - and extras like multi-currency functionality and low cost, fast, international payments.

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FAQs Best Online Banks in Malaysia

Which digital bank is the best in Malaysia?

There’s no single best digital bank in Malaysia - or indeed anywhere. All of the providers we’ve looked at here are safe to use, and offer interesting account features which could suit different customer types. Start with our top picks, and see which suits your needs.

What is the main difference between a traditional bank and digital bank?

Digital banks often don’t have any branch network or face to face service options. This can mean they also offer lower fees compared to a traditional bank.

What are the pros and cons of digital banking?

Digital banking can be more convenient than visiting a branch, plus the costs are often lower. However, not all banks offer all their services online or through an app, and some services can’t be used digitally - like depositing cash for example. Whether digital or in person banking is best for you will depend on your preferences and the type of transactions you need to make often.

Which online banking is the best in Malaysia?

The best online banking option in Malaysia depends on your individual preferences and needs. Those who are frequent travelers or make regular international transactions might be better off with an international digital bank like Wise, which lets you hold and exchange 40+ currencies using the mid-market rate and send money to 70+ countries. Likewise, Malaysia’s very own digital bank, BigPay, also provides cards for global use alongside tools and spend analytics to help with budgeting. If you prefer a more traditional banking option, then HSBC’s Everyday Global account might be perfect. You can hold 11 currencies and spend with a linked debit card. Plus, it’s free to spend any of the currencies you have in the account.

Is digital banking safe?

Fortunately, digital banking is generally very safe, though some accounts may have more robust security systems in place than others. It's always best to look for providers that are regulated by local authorities to keep your deposits safe and always be wary about potential scams.

Can I open a bank account online without going to the bank in Malaysia?

Yes, fully digital providers such as Wise and BigPay allow you to open a bank account online without going to the bank in Malaysia physically. Read our full guide on how to open a bank account online for more information.

What is the difference between an online bank and digital bank?

The main difference between an online and a digital bank is that digital banks refer to the new digital advances in the banking industry. Digital banks only offer services online and don't have any physical branches for in-person banking. Online banking, on the other hand, refers to using a specific bank's online services.