How to use Apple Pay in Malaysia -2024

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25 June 2024

If you’re not already a fan of Apple Pay Malaysia you might be wondering whether it’s worth the effort or not. The good news is, it’s very easy to get started with Apple Pay Malaysia if you have an iPhone or other compatible device, and it can make online and in person payment simple and seamless. Read on for our guide to finding Apple Pay supported cards in Malaysia, how to set up Apple Pay and how to use it.

Plus we’ll touch on the Wise card as an alternative to using Apple Pay with a Malaysian bank. Use Wise with Apple Pay for low cost international spending with the mid-market rate. More on that later.

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Can I use Apple Pay in Malaysia? 

Yes. You can use Apple Pay in Malaysia as long as you have an Apple Pay supported card, and an eligible device such as an iPhone or Apple Watch.

We will cover the Malaysian banks and cards available on Apple Pay next.

Apple Pay supported banks and cards in Malaysia

There are 4 Apple Pay Malaysia banks at the time of writing - plus you can use Apple Pay with Wise, a non-bank alternative for low cost international payments.

Here’s a quick overview of Apple Pay supported banks in Malaysia:

  • AmBank (Mastercard and Visa credit cards)

  • HSBC

  • Maybank (American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards)

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Mastercard and Visa credit cards)

  • Wise

By adding any one of these eligible cards to your Apple Pay wallet you’ll be able to tap and pay with your phone for many transactions, and also shop more conveniently online and in apps.

Bear in mind that when you’re looking for Apple Pay supported cards in Malaysia, some banks only offer Apple Pay with specific cards, while others have this as a feature across all cards they issue. Check your account and card terms and conditions carefully to make sure you’re selecting a card that suits your needs.

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Can I use my Wise card on Apple Pay in Malaysia? 

Yes, you can add a Wise card on Apple Pay and pay conveniently on your mobile both inside Malaysia and abroad.

With Wise you can order a physical Wise card for ATM and chip and PIN use, as well as getting Wise digital cards for online and mobile payments. Both types of card can be conveniently added to Apple Pay.

Wondering why it’s worth using a Wise virtual or digital card? You can make payments online or with a wallet like Apple Pay, and freeze your virtual debit card instantly after each purchase. Your global virtual card number is also different to your physical card number, adding an extra layer of security for your purchases. Plus, you can have up to 3 virtual cards at a time, and use them to manage your spending by using different cards for different expense types.

With any Wise card - physical or digital - you can spend in 150+ countries with the mid-market rate and low fees. You’ll continue to get all the benefits you would when using the Wise card if you add your card to Apple Pay and start to transact, so there’s nothing to lose!

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How to set up Apple Pay in Malaysia

Once you’ve set up Apple Pay you can use it to make mobile payments in person by tapping your phone on a POS terminal, and for online spending.

Once you have added a card you can make an in person payment by taking the following steps:

  1. Look for the contactless symbol displayed at the merchant’s checkout

  2. Activate Apple Pay with Face ID, your passcode, or Touch ID

  3. Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader

  4. When the payment is approved your phone may vibrate and a check mark will appear on screen

How to activate Apple Pay in Malaysia

Before you can make payments you'll need to add a card to Apple Pay. Here’s how to activate Apple Pay in Malaysia by adding a card to your account:

  1. Open the Apple Wallet on your phone

  2. Tap the + button, and select Add card

  3. Tap Continue and add your card following the prompts - you can use your phone’s camera to scan your card for convenience

  4. Confirm your card with your bank - you may need to complete a verification step

How to remove cards from Apple Pay in Malaysia

You can add several cards to Apple Pay to allow you to pick the right one for the specific payment you’re making. However, if you ever want to remove a card from Apple Pay, you can do so with the following steps:

  1. Open the Wallet app, and tap the card you want to remove

  2. Tap the More button, then Card Details

  3. Scroll down and tap Remove Card

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a wallet which can be used to make mobile and online payments. You’ll need to add one or more cards to your Apple Pay wallet before you can get started, but you can then tap to pay with your eligible device - like your iPhone or Apple Watch, wherever you see the contactless symbol. That means you don’t need to carry your wallet or physical card if you know you’ll just be making small value purchases when you’re out and about. Limits apply to the value of Apple Pay transactions available - so don’t forget your card if you need to buy a high value item!

Apple Pay is also handy for online shopping as it remembers your card details and shipping information, so that everything can be pre populated when you hit the checkout at an ecommerce store. That saves you entering your details over and over again - just confirm your payment using your FaceID, fingerprint or passcode.

Is Apple Pay safe?

Apple Pay can only be activated by using the security features on your phone - such as your FaceID, fingerprint or passcode. As long as you do not share your passcode with anyone, and take common sense precautions to protect your account, it’s safe to use.

Apple Pay limits

Apple Pay in Malaysia limits the value of transactions you can make to 250 MYR. That means that if you need to spend more than 250 MYR you’ll need to provide your physical card and PIN to verify the purchase.

Apple Pay limit in transaction per day in Malaysia

There’s no Apple Pay daily limit in Malaysia, but your linked card may have its own daily limits. These will still apply when you use your card through Apple Pay. Check your card’s terms and conditions to learn about any limits applied.

Advantages and disadvantages of Apple Pay in  Malaysia

Apple Pay is popular, widely accepted, compatible with many bank cards and smart devices, and offers convenient in person and online payments. However, it’s not the only option out there. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Apple PayCons of  Apple Pay

✅Easy to use - no need to carry around your physical card for day to day use

✅Helpful online as your card details and shipping address are automatically applied when you shop

✅Secured using your phone’s security measures such as a passcode or your fingerprint

✅No additional Apple Pay fees to worry about

✅Accepted anywhere you see the contactless logo

❌Only available for transactions of 250 MYR or less

❌Any fees associated with your card will still apply

❌Limits on your card apply when used via Apple Pay, as they would when you use your physical card in stores

Does Apple Pay charge a fee?

Apple Pay does not charge fees. However, any fees that apply to your underlying card will still be payable. For example if you use your Apple Pay overseas, and the card you’ve linked charges a foreign transaction fee, this would still be charged. You can avoid this by choosing a card which does not have a foreign transaction fee, such as the Wise card, which is Apple Pay compatible and offers mid-market rate currency conversion when you shop abroad.

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Conclusion: Using Apple Pay in Malaysia

Apple Pay Malaysia is a very helpful tool for mobile payments which means you don’t need to worry about remembering your bank card whenever you leave the house. Just add your card to your Apple Pay wallet and tap and pay wherever you are. You can also use Apple Pay for secure and convenient online and in app shopping.

The key to making the most of Apple Pay is linking cards which offer good value. Apple Pay doesn’t have any fees of its own, but if your card charges a fee - like a foreign transaction fee for international use - this will still apply. Consider linking your Wise card to Apple Pay for low cost overseas payments which you can make with just a quick tap of your phone.

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How to use Apple Pay FAQs

Does Malaysia support Apple Pay?

There are several banks in Malaysia which offer some Apple Pay compatible cards. Options include AmBank, HSBC, Maybank, and Standard Chartered Bank. You can also take a look at Wise for Apple Pay cards which offer no foreign transaction fee and low cost currency conversion.

What is the limit of Apple Pay in Malaysia?

You can spend up to 250 MYR in a single transaction with Apple Pay Malaysia. After that you need your card for a chip and PIN payment.

Which bank supports Apple Pay in Malaysia?

AmBank, HSBC, Maybank, and Standard Chartered Bank all offer some Apple Pay compatible cards in Malaysia. Bear in mind that not every card offered by a specific bank may be Apple Pay compatible - you’ll still need to check the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up.

Does Apple Pay charge a fee?

There’s no Apple Pay fee, but any charge your card has is still payable when you use it with Apple Pay. If your card has a foreign transaction fee, for example, this is still applied with Apple Pay. Avoid it with a low cost multi-currency card which works with Apple Pay, from Wise.

What are the pros and cons of Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is secure, flexible and convenient. However, there are low limits of 250 MYR per transaction, and any fees which apply for your linked card still apply when you use your card with Apple Pay. Weigh up which cards are best to use based on your specific needs, to get the most out of Apple Pay.