How to use Google Pay (GPay) in Malaysia -2024

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25 June 2024

Wondering: What is Google Pay (GPay) and what’s all the fuss about? Our full guide to Google Pay Malaysia walks through how to use Google Pay, why you should bother, and the fees and limits you need to know about. Plus we’ll touch on the Wise card, as a smart option to link to the Google Pay app so you can spend conveniently and with the mid-market rate when you travel abroad.

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Is Google Pay available in Malaysia? 

Yes. Google Pay has been available in Malaysia since November 2022. You can use Google Pay in Malaysia as long as you have an Android phone with Near Field Communication (NFC), or another compatible device like a Fitbit watch or a Wear OS smartwatch.

We will cover the banks and cards available on Google Pay in Malaysia, next.

Google Pay supported banks and cards in malaysia

Google Pay supported banks and non-bank alternative providers in Malaysia include the following:

  • CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic Bank

  • Hong Leong Bank and Hong Leong Islamic Bank

  • HSBC Amanah Malaysia and HSBC Bank Malaysia

  • Public Bank

  • Standard Chartered

  • Wise

If you choose to add an eligible card from one of these providers onto Google Pay, you can conveniently pay with your Android phone or other compatible device, without needing to carry your physical payment card with you for mobile purchases under the GPay limit (usually about 250 MYR). Bear in mind that not all cards issued by every bank can be used with Google Pay. Banks decide themselves which cards to add to Google Pay, so you’ll still need to check the details of your specific card even if you use one of the providers listed above.

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Can I use a Wise card on Google Pay in Malaysia? 

Yes. You can add a Wise card to the Google Pay app, and pay conveniently with your mobile or other compatible device both inside Malaysia and abroad.

Wise offers the Wise physical card and Wise digital or virtual cards. Both can be used with Google Pay, and both offer convenient payments in 150+ countries with no hidden costs, no foreign transaction fees, and currency conversion from 0.35%

With either the Wise physical or virtual card you can make payments with Google Pay or online and freeze your card after each purchase. Your global virtual card number is different to your physical card number, adding an extra layer of security for your purchases - particularly handy if you’re shopping online with a retailer you don’t know. Plus, you can have up to 3 virtual cards at a time, and use them to manage your spending by using different cards for different expense types.

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How to use Google Pay in Malaysia

You can use Google Pay with your eligible Android phone or device, and simply tap to pay in stores when you see the contactless symbol displayed. You can also use Google Pay at the checkout when shopping online, and your card details are automatically remembered and populated so you don’t need to enter them manually.

How to activate Google Pay in Malaysia

To activate Google Pay Malaysia you first need to add an eligible card to your wallet. Here are the steps you need to take to add an eligible bank card to Google Pay, in order to start spending in person and online with your GPay.

  • Open the Google Wallet app

  • Tap Add to Wallet

  • Tap Payment card and then New credit or debit card

  • Follow the instructions to add your chosen debit or credit card

  • Verify your card if required by your bank

  • Find and enter the verification code

How can I add my cards on Google Pay in Malaysia?

You can add cards to Google Pay Malaysia using the steps outlined above, or you can sometimes add your card directly from the provider’s own app. For example, if you have a Wise card and want to add it to Google Pay you can take the following steps:

  1. Open the Wise app

  2. Tap on the Card tab, where you can see all your available cards

  3. Select the card you'd like to add then tap on Add to G Pay

How to remove cards from Google Pay in Malaysia

To remove a card you no longer want to use with Google Pay, you can take the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Wallet app and tap the card to remove

  2. Tap the More icon (three dots) and then select Remove payment method

  3. Tap OK

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an ewallet which lets you add payment cards and tap to pay with your phone or another eligible device like a Fitbit watch. To use Google Pay you’ll usually need an Android phone which has NFC, and you’ll need to have a card from a bank in Malaysia which supports Google Pay - or from a non-bank alternative such as Wise.

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Once you’ve set up Google Pay you can use it to shop online or to make mobile payments without needing to present your physical card. Usually you can spend up to 250 MYR in a single transaction with Google Pay before you need to enter your PIN.

Is Google Pay safe?

Google Pay is safe to use and uses 2 factor authentication to ensure that customers, and their cards, are secured. You’ll need to take the normal common sense precautions when using Google Pay, such as keeping your phone’s passcode safe and not sharing it with others - but as long as you do that, Google Pay should be safe to use in Malaysia and beyond.

Google Pay limits

The limits for Google Pay can depend on the specific card and bank you use with your Google Wallet. In many cases, you can tap to pay with Google Wallet up to 250 MYR - but after that you’ll need to present a physical card and enter your PIN. Your Google Pay limits will also follow any other limits you’ve set in your bank account - so if you’ve added a per transaction limit that’s lower than 250 MYR then this will apply on Google Pay equally.

Google Pay limit on transactions per day in Malaysia

Google Pay does not impose a per day transaction limit. However, it’s pretty common to find your bank has a daily transaction limit on card spending - or you could have set this up yourself in online or mobile banking. If you have a daily limit on the card that you’re using with Google Pay, this will apply when you tap to pay with your phone, just as it would for direct card use.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Pay in  Malaysia

Google Pay allows Android phone users and people with other eligible devices to make convenient in person and online payments without needing their card to be present. However, there are other ewallets out there, so you may be unsure if Google Pay is right for you. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Google PayCons of  Google Pay

✅Leave your physical card at home - which means you can’t lose it

✅Use for online and in app shopping

✅Secured using 2 factor authentication

✅No additional Google Pay fees 

✅Accepted anywhere you see the contactless logo

❌Per transaction limits can be quite low

❌Any fees associated with your card will still apply

❌You’ll need an eligible device to get started

Does Google Pay charge a fee?

No. There’s no Google Pay fee, and banks usually don’t charge extra when you use Google Pay either. However, any fees which apply when you use your card normally would still apply when you use it with Google Pay. For example, if you’re spending overseas and your card has a foreign transaction fee, this would still apply with Google Pay. Link Google Pay to a card like the Wise card which has no foreign transaction fee, for your overseas spending - and you could save in the end.

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Conclusion: Using Google Pay in Malaysia

Google Pay is a convenient way for people with Android phones or other eligible devices like Fitbit watches to pay without needing to carry their physical debit or credit cards around. This can be handy for security - as it’s one less thing to lose - and can also be more convenient as you can just tap to pay with your phone or watch instead of digging around in your wallet for a card.

Google Pay is best when you use a low cost card as all card fees will still be applicable when you use Google Pay to transact. Consider using a card which has been optimised for international payments, like the Wise card, if you’re planning on using your Google Pay abroad, to cut out foreign transaction fees and get the mid-market rate on currency conversion.

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How to use Google Pay FAQs

Is Google Pay available in Malaysia?

Yes. Google Pay is available in Malaysia on cards issued by several major banks, and non-bank alternative providers like Wise.

Which banks accept Google Pay?

Malaysian banks which accept Google Pay include CIMB, Hong Leong, HSBC, Public Bank, and Standard Chartered. You can also use Wise - a non-bank alternative which offers low cost international transactions in 150+ countries.

Does Google Pay charge a fee?

There is no fee for Google Pay - but any charges attached to the card you link to Google Pay will still apply when you pay through GPay.

What are the pros and cons of Google Pay?

Google Pay is convenient as you won’t need to carry a physical payment card, it’s widely accepted and safe to use. On the other hand, it’s usually got pretty low limits so may be better for small transactions, and you can still run into fees if your card usually charges you for some transaction types.